Here’s How to Make Your Fuckbuddy Your Girlfriend

Fuckbuddies are all fun and games until you start to catch feelings for them. Contrary to popular belief, guys do sometimes want more than a sexual relationship with the girl they’re seeing as their local fuck pal. Even though we all may go into a fuckbuddy or friends with benefits relationship knowing that it’s nothing serious; just some casual, fun, and short-term sex, we can’t help or control how our feelings develop.

If you’re in a functional fuckbuddy relationship, chances are you have a lot of chemistry with that person. When you have someone who’s good in bed that you click with, and enjoy hanging around, it’s no surprise that some feelings may develop.

But, you’re probably unsure of she feels. You two have made an agreement and stuck to it, and you’re wondering whether to bring up how you feel or not. Most of all, you’re wondering if she feels the same way. One thing you should do before trying to make her your girlfriend is assess if you truly have feelings for her. It’s always a good idea to evaluate your feelings before acting on them and potentially ruining your fuckbuddy relationship.

That being said, if you think about it and decide that the risk is worth telling her, then you most likely have true feelings for her. Before you admit your feelings to her, there are some small things you can do before making the grand gesture of asking her to be your girlfriend to show her you’re interested in taking things further, and to make her realize that she wants to be your girlfriend just as much as you want her to be.

Start Seeing Her More Often

The first thing you’ll want to do to start making it apparent that you have feelings for her, and for her to see she does, too, is to start seeing each other more often. Depending on how frequently you two have sex, you’ll need to increase that number. Start asking her over more and encourage her to do the same. Your excuse could be something like “I’m just super stressed right now and being with you relaxes me,” or “I’m feeling extra horny,” if you want to be more honest.

Spending more time together is a great way to increase the passion in your relationship. If you’re having more frequent sex, that’ll quickly turn into a more passionate, emotional relationship. It also reassures her that you’re not seeing anyone else, and she’ll consider cutting off other people if she’s having enough sex with you.

Invite Her to Public Outings

Another way to see her more often, and demonstrate a change in your feelings, is by inviting her to things you do socially. Now, she might be weirded out by this at first since chances are, you two discussed this before and decided not to hang out with each other’s friends or even out in public, besides the bedroom. But you can easily convince her that it’s not weird at all, and there’s a way you can invite her out to things you do without exclusively hanging out with her at first.

Try inviting her to a social gathering you’re planning on going to with a group of friends. Maybe it’s a gallery opening, a festival, the local bar, or whatever, but the next time you’re in bed, mention it to her and suggest she go. She might ask “With you?” and then you could say “If you want to, I wouldn’t mind. But you could take a friend, too. It’s gonna be fun.”

This way, she decides if she would like to be your plus-1 or be with one of her friends; either way, she’ll be in the same space as you and likely talk to you at the event. Afterward, it will give you two something to talk about together, and the next time you invite her out, you can ask, “Why don’t you come with me this time?”

Once you go out together, just the two of you, it’s important to show her that you’re a good time and that you can work outside the bedroom, too. You want her to have fun with you and enjoy herself.

Show Her You Care

The easiest way to show a girl you care about her is to ask her how her day is. Since you started to see her more often, maybe she comes over to your place during the day instead of at night. When she gets there, you can ask her how her day is going and talk before getting down to business. Be genuine and ask questions to dive deeper into how she’s feeling every day you see her. This will show her that you care about her wellbeing and she’ll really like that.

Another way to show her you care is to ask if you can help her with anything. When you’re talking she might bring up some issues she’s having, and if there’s something you can do to help, you should offer it to her. She may say yes or no, but whichever way she’ll know you’re there to talk to and ask for help if she needs it. Women like men who are caring and show that they would do anything they need to help them out.


If all goes according to plan, you’ll have hung out with her in public and can start asking to hang out more. She’ll most likely say yes once she sees you guys can do stuff outside of sex and still have a good time without it being weird. It’s important to note that up until the point you’re ready to start showing PDA that you don’t act that way with her before. All the times you hang out should be casual and friendly. Show her first that you’re someone she could see herself being with and spending time with without being touchy or clingy. You could verbally flirt with her or say something spicy leading back to your place, but for the most part, keep it respectful.

When you’ve hung out a few times, then it’s a good time to try PDA. Start lightly by grabbing her hand or holding it. You could also brush her shoulder with your arm and get closer to her and give her light touches. Placing your hand on her arm goes a long way and grabs her attention. If she doesn’t pull away or seems uncomfortable with what you’re doing, try to go in for a kiss when the time is right. Hug her afterward and maybe share a laugh.


You want to become softer when you’re trying to get your fuckbuddy to be your girlfriend since she’s probably used to you being rather distant. You may or may not already cuddle after sex, depending on the terms you’ve agreed upon, but if you never do or usually don’t, it’d be a good idea to start doing so.

When she tries to leave after sex or when she assumes that it’s time for her to go, pull her back into bed by grabbing her arm, or if you want to take it up a notch, by her waist. When she asks what you’re doing or why you want her to stay, say you “just wanna cuddle.” Chances are she won’t say no. Everyone loves to cuddle.

Spend the Night More Often

If neither of you ever sleep over at each other’s place when you hook up, now’s the time to start. You could either suggest she stay by saying something along the lines of “You could stay over if you want, it’s no big deal,” after a particularly late-night hookup, or you could ask to stay at hers. Going to sleep with someone is a very intimate moment, and waking up next them is even more so. When she wakes up in the morning, turn ad smile at her. If you wake up before her, try to make breakfast if you know where her things are in the kitchen.

Turn Up the Charm

You may not usually compliment her or try to be charming, but now’s your time to shine. You want to be super suave with her and get her interested in more than sex with you. Girls love a guy who knows how to be charming and just a little (or a lot) freaky, which you likely already have down with your time in bed. Show her both sides of you and that you can be sweet and charming, but also rough when you need to be.

Take Her on a Date

If all is going well and you notice a change in her and how she treats you, and she’s showing you that she likes how you’ve changed in how you treat your fuckbuddy relationship, you should ask her on a proper date.

Ideally, the situation would be that you two have been hanging out in more casual situations, enjoying time together as fuckbuddies/friends, with a little PDA and flirting mixed in. Maybe occasionally it leads back to one of your places for sex.

The difference now is that you’re going to call it a “date,” and plan something for her. She’ll be totally surprised and, hopefully, thrilled. She’ll be excited and almost not believe that you could plan a date, but you want to show her that you can.

Do something you’ll both enjoy and that reflects your personalities for a better chance at the date working in your favor. For example, if you’re both adventurous people, going go-karting would be an awesome date for you two. Or, if you both enjoy a good wine, go wine-tasting. Anything that shows you pay attention to her personality and what she likes, but also keeping it in line with your own interests so she can see the idea of you two being together wouldn’t be so disastrous.

Confess Your Feelings

After your date, she’ll probably be wondering why you asked her on one in the first place or what you’re feeling. Girls tend to over analyze like that, and if you didn’t confess them on the date, she’ll try to figure out how you feel about her and what’s been going on. It’s entirely up to you when you want to tell her that you want her to be your girlfriend, either on the date or sometime after, but just make sure the time is right.

You’ll know when.

5 tips you must know when BDSM dating

Hello, fellow kinky person! Since you’re reading this I can only assume that you’re looking to jump into the dating pool that intersects with those interested in BDSM!

Sex is important. Connecting with someone on metal level is arguably just as important as connecting with someone on a physical level. So, if you find that you’re interested in kink and fetish you’re definitely going to need to find a long-term partner who’s interested in those things too! Here are a few tips for all of you newbies when it comes to taking the plunge into the kinky dating pool!

1. Beware of creeps

Just like normal dating, there are some creepy people who are into BDSM dating. You need to beware of anyone who describes themselves as an “alpha”. While there are many men and women who characterize themselves as such, this can be a sign of arrogance and disregard for limits.

Anyone who comes off as “too dominant” or outright states they don’t play with a safe word is someone you should be cautious of or outright avoid. These people are not practicing Safe Sane Consensual (SSC) kink or RACK, which should be your standards.

Additionally, beware of clingy subs. There are plenty of people who will try to manipulate you from the tip and from the bottom. Shitty people come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and sexual roles. So be careful!

2. Always discuss likes/dislikes and limits!

Before you engage in any sexual activity (especially kink) you need to have a sit-down with the other person and discuss your fetishes and limits. Limits are characterized as either hard or soft. Hard limits are not to be tested, soft limits may be tested under certain circumstances with the consent of those involved.

This discussion – while scary to initiate – will make sure that you connect on a sexual level with this person! In my opinion vanilla couples should do this too, but you definitely need to do this with any kinky partners you might have.

3. Don’t just tie each other up immediately

While it might be exciting to find someone, you’re attracted to who shares your kinks, don’t get too excited. Kink is risky and you need to trust that the other person has your best interest in mind before you break out the handcuffs!

Trust is built. So make sure you build that trust or if you’re playing at play party, make sure you’re playing around DM’s who are hyper vigilant and will intervene if needed.

4. Find the balance between physical and mental attraction, don’t just stay with a pretty face

This is a huge problem with both vanilla and kinky people! Don’t just stay with someone because the physical chemistry is good. Yes, it’s amazing to find someone who’s super-hot and super kinky in the same ways you’re kinky, but don’t stay with them if they’re a bad person or if there’s no mental connection.

There’s no harm in having play partners, who are people who you get along with and connect with on a physical level but aren’t the kind of people you pursue a serious relationship with.

There are other kinky fish in the kinky sea. You will find someone who you connect with both physically and mentally. I promise you this person isn’t the only person you’ll meet who’s into the same set of things as you!

5. Understand poly and casual sex, ready yourself for rejection

A brief note on poly: there are a lot of people within the kinky community who identify as polyamorous. This can mean a lot of different things. This could mean they casually date outside of their relationship, this could mean they have sex outside of their relationship, or this can mean they have multiple partners.

A lot of poly people have a core relationship with one other person, so don’t feel discouraged if a relationship with a poly person doesn’t work out because they have a core relationship. It happens, rejection happens, you’ll survive.

Additionally, a lot of people in the kink community are only interested in casual sex. Not everyone wants a relationship. If you’re looking for something long-term make sure you have this conversation before you start developing feelings that may not be mutual.

Here’s Why it’s so Hard to find Jewish Singles

5.) Religion As A Dealbreaker

For those who are incredibly religious, it is understandable that Judaism is a deal breaker. But for people who happen to be secular AND who have no choice but to marry a Jewish person, it is suggested that this person changes this said deal breaker. Expand your horizons to both Jewish singles, and to single people who don’t consider themselves a part of any religion. If the primary reason for wanting to date a Jewish person is because you want to be able to raise Jewish kinderlach, well lucky for you, according to the Torah, only the mom needs to be Jewish. And there are tons of people in the world who will be totally fine with raising their children Jewish; remember to never write them all off at the beginning of this process.

4.) Geography

If you have been single for more than ten years and haven’t had luck, it’s better to try out a new region where you might just have better chances as a single, Jewish person. In the San Francisco database, the ratio is 1:1 for Jewish women and men instead of 7:2, which it is in New York. In LA it is 3 men to 2 women.

3.) Too Many Deal Breakers

Be open to people who are one or more years younger, or even people who happen to be  10  to 15 years older than you. Be open to people who happen to have a few extra pounds on them. Always be open to the nerdy people and even the people with boring jobs. Be open to people who are divorced, and/or be open to people who have kids. The point of this particular rule is to just be open, a rule that comes with dating in general.

2.) Again Be Open

It is important to reiterate this rule in a separate point because it is seen everywhere, all of the time. For the love of G-d, don’t just save Judaism and the height of the person as your only deal breakers. Please pick one personal deal breaker for you. Wanting to date someone who is an inch or two taller than you is okay, but wanting a nice Jewish husband who stands over you when you wearing your tallest heels is not so okay. In a dating market that is already this difficult, are a few pairs of 4” heels really more important to you than the man who just might become your future husband?

1.) Jewish People Shvetz

If you’re really that worried about finding someone Jewish, don’t worry! You will! Just remember that Jewish people, well, we happen to worry, or in Yiddish, they “shvetz” over everything. Something that might not be the biggest deal is a huge deal to someone who is Jewish, this includes waking up on time, spending the right amount of money on something, and much, much more. This statement is not intended to be stereotypical, it is actually in defense of the religion itself! Even NON-Jews can shvetz too. The point is just to stay cool. You’ll find someone.

Learn more about Jewish singles below!

Top 3 Apps For Chubby Dating

Online dating apps have made finding your perfect partner easier than ever. No matter what your niche, there’s an app catering to it. The following websites are the three best dating services in the BBW world.

Chubby Bunnie

As the name suggests, is targeted towards singles with a penchant for the larger side of life. It’s not just for big beautiful women either, there’s also a large selection of bigger men on offer too.

Chubby Bunnie is one of the longest-serving BBW dating sites on the internet, having been around for almost fifteen years. Therefore, the active membership is currently over the one million mark – a lot more than any other BBW dating site around.

The site differentiates between standard members and gold members. Standard members can only communicate to other members with winks, as well as browse users by age and location only. In order to get the full use out of Chubby Bunnie, gold membership is recommended, but it’s definitely worth the $29.95 monthly subscription (less if you purchase six months at once).

As well as being able to message with other gold members on the site, this membership also comes with a personal mentor who will help you find your perfect partner. They will offer you personalized advice to make your profile stand out, as well as helping you write that all-important first message.

In summary, Chubby Bunnie is the best BBW dating app out there. It has the most members, the most features and the personalized advice is a great addition. The subscription fee is a little higher than other sites, but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for.

BBW Cupid

Like Chubby Bunnie, BBW Cupid is aimed solely towards bigger men and ladies, but it doesn’t mean you have to be curvy to sign up. There are just as many skinnier people looking for an older person to date than there are BBWs and BHMs.

Standard membership on the site is free. You can send messages to other users, but you’ll need to be a gold/premium member to read any messages you receive. The quality of profiles on there is second to only Chubby Bunnie, which is reflected in the monthly subscription costs. If you commit to a year’s subscription, membership is only $10 a month.

To get the best out of BBW Cupid, gold or premium membership is recommended. There’s only a minor difference between the two, with premium membership offering video chat, advanced search options and a highlighted profile in search results.

BBW Cupid is one of the best sites in the BBW niche. Searching and profile navigation is easy and the subscription costs are reasonable. There are a slightly less users than Chubby Bunnie, but still more than enough to satisfy your needs.


Similar to Tinder, WooPlus offers a matchmaking system based on looks alone. You simply swipe left or right on people you like, and if they’ve returned the favor, you’re invited to chat with them.

It’s as easy as that. There’s not much else to WooPlus. Because of its simplicity, it has become a very popular app since its inception in 2015. Most attractively of all is that WooPlus is free to use for its basic service, and there’s a small upgrade available if you want to talk to users you haven’t matched with.

WooPlus is catered mostly towards BBWs and BHMs, and there’s plenty of these kinds of people available on there. There’s a small portion of non-BBWs on there, but they only make up a small minority of users.

Looking for more chubby dating sites? then check out this link!