Get to Know the Author

Hi everyone! Welcome to my website. I hope you guys have enjoyed my writing! My name is Adina, I am 23, Jewish, and single. No surprise there right! Writing blogs and creating a website is all very new to me. I wanted to find a new hobby and my friend recommended that I try writing blogs because she too has her own website with her blogs on there. We are very similar and share the same interests and hobbies so she knew if she enjoyed writing then I would too. Sure enough, she was right! On my free time I try and stay active whether that means taking a walk with my dog, going to the gym, or going on a hike. I am vegan and have been for the past year a half so I really enjoy finding new vegan recipes and trying them out. I have a chocolate lab named Buster Brown and he has been my loyal companion for the past 3 years. I am a store manager at a local boutique which started my passion for fashion. My friends can always count on me to help them with their shopping and with helping them put together an outfit for any occasion. So basically working out, cooking, my dog, writing, and fashion describes me in a nutshell!