Here’s Why it’s so Hard to find Jewish Singles

5.) Religion As A Dealbreaker

For those who are incredibly religious, it is understandable that Judaism is a deal breaker. But for people who happen to be secular AND who have no choice but to marry a Jewish person, it is suggested that this person changes this said deal breaker. Expand your horizons to both Jewish singles, and to single people who don’t consider themselves a part of any religion. If the primary reason for wanting to date a Jewish person is because you want to be able to raise Jewish kinderlach, well lucky for you, according to the Torah, only the mom needs to be Jewish. And there are tons of people in the world who will be totally fine with raising their children Jewish; remember to never write them all off at the beginning of this process.

4.) Geography

If you have been single for more than ten years and haven’t had luck, it’s better to try out a new region where you might just have better chances as a single, Jewish person. In the San Francisco database, the ratio is 1:1 for Jewish women and men instead of 7:2, which it is in New York. In LA it is 3 men to 2 women.

3.) Too Many Deal Breakers

Be open to people who are one or more years younger, or even people who happen to be  10  to 15 years older than you. Be open to people who happen to have a few extra pounds on them. Always be open to the nerdy people and even the people with boring jobs. Be open to people who are divorced, and/or be open to people who have kids. The point of this particular rule is to just be open, a rule that comes with dating in general.

2.) Again Be Open

It is important to reiterate this rule in a separate point because it is seen everywhere, all of the time. For the love of G-d, don’t just save Judaism and the height of the person as your only deal breakers. Please pick one personal deal breaker for you. Wanting to date someone who is an inch or two taller than you is okay, but wanting a nice Jewish husband who stands over you when you wearing your tallest heels is not so okay. In a dating market that is already this difficult, are a few pairs of 4” heels really more important to you than the man who just might become your future husband?

1.) Jewish People Shvetz

If you’re really that worried about finding someone Jewish, don’t worry! You will! Just remember that Jewish people, well, we happen to worry, or in Yiddish, they “shvetz” over everything. Something that might not be the biggest deal is a huge deal to someone who is Jewish, this includes waking up on time, spending the right amount of money on something, and much, much more. This statement is not intended to be stereotypical, it is actually in defense of the religion itself! Even NON-Jews can shvetz too. The point is just to stay cool. You’ll find someone.

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